Cara Stimmel was born during the era of innovation, at a time when
grand craftsmanship and intricate artisan work had fallen by the wayside. Growing up in the bedroom community of Queens, surrounded by her parent’s social circle of artists, writers, and decorators, Cara’s imagination was sculpted with encouragement for free thinking and self-expression.

This exposure to master craftsmen, and great art, created the foundation for Cara Stimmel’s unique aesthetic, not only in her jewelry design, but in all aspects of her life. In 1987, Cara opened her first factory, Cara Stimmel Ltd, to produce larger quantities of her jewelry. She sold her line to department and specialty stores world wide, producing it all in house.

After decades of adhering to dictated trends and the hectic schedules of fashion week, Cara decided to take a fresh approach with her jewelry, and Fern Street Designs by Cara Stimmel was introduced. A more organic, free form collection, created by hand, with intricate vintage parts collaged together in what Cara refers to as “assemblage.” Reusing and recycling come naturally to Cara, so she features found objects, highlighting them as jewels in her pieces. Manipulating abstract parts into different entities produced a Steampunk vibe in many of Cara’s pieces.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cara Stimmel’s imagination.

Enjoy the journey!